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About 'Ami: Child of the Stars'
Published from a small printing house in 1986, it immediately became a best-seller in Chile. It has been translated in 11 languages.The Ami series has sold around 2.4 million copies worldwide!
The Japanese version was published in 1995 by the Tokuma Shoten Publishing.

An adorable child-looking alien named Ami suddenly appears before Pedro, local boy.
“You mean that Our Earth is still uncivilized and barbaric?”, so told was Pedro by Ami, and the boy is to come to understand the true meaning of this remark through interaction with Ami.

Pedro will realize the importance of living one’s life with love and warm heart, the preciousness of finding one’s delight in making wonderful discoveries from life, and the preciousness of helping the beloved ones, humankind, and society.
At the end, Pedro promises with Ami that he will people about his discoveries and experiences.

This story is full of important messages for us, as we will have to face many issues in the future, including love, environment, and peace. It teaches us in a very easy way about the mentality that we need, such as living one’s life with love and following the universal truths.

If you wish to read "Ami: Child of the Stars" in English, plaease help yourself at "E-books Available" on Mr. Barrios' official website